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Author : Ybou
1 august 2014

World Contemplative Archery

Contemplative Archery is a meditative sport that was created in 1998, the sports main goal is attaining equilibrium in all things (888) ! Eight hours of work, Eight hours of sleep & eight hours of spirituality.

This sport is addressed to all people who are looking for peace & contemplation. It is the continuity of a mystic search of a more profound way of life, this permits the archers to find a sense to their life & to enlighten their life mission on this earth.

Inspired from, the Japanese Kyudo (art of archery) which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan, and the spirituality of the Benedictine monks, you’ll be able to discover the arrow that represents you, like in martial art. Experience the awakening of the different levels of silence, from the silence you hear to the one that comes from whitin.

We all are born in this world & the day will come where we’ll leave this world and be reborn.

Contemplative Archers wear a black Kimono with a white colar as attire called contemplative Robe. It’s the ideal attire to plunge yourself into sacred and unique moments.

Rediscover a profound awakening to your life & take advantage of every instant to Draw your arrow towards a peace full objective & discover the real sense to your life. This Zen sport is addressed to people searching enlightenment & to promote world peace.

Yves BOUrassa

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